I’m INSANELY in love with this song. The bad thing I heard it for the first time today. 

I don’t listen to the radio AT ALL. I was in a friend’s car and it came on. The song hit me. I was like…wow

I want this to be my friend’s wedding song. I don’t think he’ll do it though. haha

It makes me want to hug someone. I like weddings even though I know I won’t get married any time soon. I just like seeing people happy. Every time I’m on the road and I pass a church and seeing a wedding party, my heart jumps. I’m just always happy for other people. 

I’m not sure if I like this song because I WANT love or because I just like the beat. Maybe both. But whatever. I don’t think I’ll take this song off repeat any time soon.

justin timberlake not a bad thing wedding love beautiful